Le Viet Hai

Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, 100000 · +84 362 709 365 · haitho0710@gmail.com

Hai is a skillful Quality Assurance Engineer with strong technical experience. He is exceled in finding, documenting and reporting bugs, errors. 8-year experience in manual/automated software testing, functional,reliability and performance testing has made Hai quickly become a QA expert. Besides, he has the amazing ability of enduring pressure, multi-tasking, training and teamworking. Hai is currently working as a Senior Test Engineer/Test Automation Developer in Niteco - one of top IT outsourcing company in Vietnam.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Familiar with Agile, Waterfall model
  • Special interest about Linux and Unix, work with them as an advance user
  • Technical analysis and problem solving skills
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Good teamwork skill with much responsibility and leadership
  • Strong conceptual thinking skills with the ability to function effectively in a team based environment
  • Time and Pressure management
  • Fluent in English (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Eager to acquire new knowledge
  • Exceptional focus on detail
  • High responsibility on work
  • Goal orientation
  • Serious working manner
  • Good ability to adapt in the new environment
  • Sociable with good sense of humor


Senior Test Engineer/Test Automation Developer

  • Working with customer from EU (mainly Sweden, Norway and England).
  • Working with CI/CD, integrating automation test to Azure DevOps.
  • Building framework from scratch using Selenium Webdriver, and Cypress. Managing Smoke test, Regression test and Google Analytics tracking automation test
  • Implementing API test automation using Postman
  • Performing Manual functional and UI testing.
  • Execute Performance testing and Performance analysis using test tools: Speedcurve, Yellow Lab, Screaming Frog, JMeter. etc.
  • Training new member, help them get used to the testing frameworks.
  • Testing the migration of POS terminals: from Windows CE to Android
  • Testing the payment gateway integration: Stripe
  • Working with Kanban
March 2018 - Present

QA Leader

VCCloud - VCCorp
  • Managing a QA team in monitoring websites operated by VCCorp (Kenh14, Genk, Cafef, Cafebiz, etc.) in all environments like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone with the help of VMware Player/Work Station; and report directly to the Director - Head of VCCloud weekly.
  • Corporating with the contact points from different Units to find and solve an problem in operating site in Production.
  • Building QA Process to standardize the Working flow between VCCloud QA team and many other technical team/unit.
  • Supporting customers (online news paper, such as: Dantri, Tuoitre, VTV.vn, etc.) if there is any issue in operating the sites.
  • Always seeking the most effective way to make the job become more effortless while the result becomes better time after time. Applying Postman, Jmeter, Selenium IDE to work is an example.
  • Building Company’s own bug tracker tool named QA Ticket to fulfill the needs among test teams in the Company.
  • Managing QA team in other development projects of the Unit like: CRM systems, billing system, Cloud server system, Ticket Platform, etc.
  • Using SQL, PHP, Java, Kotlin in finding the solution for automated working process.
March 2017 - March 2018

Senior QA/QA Leader

Savvycom Software
  • Joining in a dedicated team as QA Leader and Software Engineer which works directly with customer in USA in a Worldwide Health care project with Agile Environment. Working mainly with Android and iOS platforms.
  • Working with PM to make Software Development plan.
  • Managing QA team to work effectively and meet the project requirement.
  • Using SQL Workbench, Postman, Jmeter to assist the testing procedure.
  • Familiar with variety of bug bases: Wrike, Github, and JIRA.
  • Learning how to deal with problem in the most effective way and minimize the time spent and always bearing in mind that time is priceless.
  • Planning test for team member to follow and supporting team in executing the test
  • Reporting daily and weekly.
  • Making Test plan as well as Test Cases for other members to follow.
  • Reporting daily and weekly.
  • Analyzing and building process for the project as well as the whole company.
  • Working with PM, HR to evaluating members' performance via KPI

2015 - March 2017

QA Engineer

Sixth Gear Studio
  • Attending to Mobile QA Team as a QA Leader to work on mobile games, mobile applications and websites.
  • Communicating and working directly with Aeria Games Mobile EU QA Team and Developers.
  • Developing test plan using Microsoft Project 2010 and designing test case based on the Design and Requirement documents.
  • Experiencing with Black Box and Grey Box testing with a good understanding about SQL and Agile Environment.
  • Using Admin Tools, Debug Tools to assist the testing procedure.
  • Performing Installation Test, Smoke Test, Functionality Test, Regression Test, etc. and logging bug to bug base (JIRA and Mantis).
  • Applying test techniques (static and risk-based testing) to improve test process.
  • Assigning daily tasks to team members and evaluating work performance.
  • Making sure all tasks are done and sending work report daily.
  • Guiding the new member to get used to and understand the working procedure as well as the details of the project.
  • Tracking all the bugs and communicating issues to ensure their resolution before project release.

2013 - 2015

QA Tester

Gameloft HAN Studio
  • Joining the QA tester training program and studying about the fundamental knowledge of working process.
  • Applying the advanced use of Linux and UNIX.
  • Taking part in the Project Requirement Analysis and Design of the GE (Game Evolution) project, improving the Test planning and test executing skill.
  • Working closely with the Developers and developing the negotiation and problem solving methods.
  • Making good use of the automation test tools provided by the technicians.
  • Performing Installation Test, Smoke Test, Functionality Test, Regression Test, etc.
  • Using Black Box testing method to perform manual testing.
  • Following the V model of software development and testing.

2012 - 2013

Principle of Computer Teaching Assistant

Hanoi University
  • Assisting the Professor in the lecture day, providing the best learning environment for the students.
  • Introducing and guiding students in the Tutorial day, making sure the teaching method is suitable for every single one.
  • Helping professors to arranging and grading exams.
  • Improving the presentation skill and training techniques.
  • Getting used to teamwork ability and leadership.

2011 - 2012


Hanoi University

Bachelor of Computer Science
Computer Science - Web Development Track

GPA: 7.4

2009 - 2013

Hanoi Tester

QA Training Program

Acquiring the advanced knowledge of testing procedure and testing methods. Working on the real projects such as: Sale PC at Tester Hanoi Store, BMS (Business Management System) of VienThinh Electronic Company.


Awards & Certifications


Apart from being a QA Engineer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I love playing football with my friends and colleagues. It makes me feel like a strong bond among people

When forced indoors, I like reading book, especially science fiction books, such as: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Lord Of The Rings. I also follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I enjoy exploiting the digital devices, such as: Android phones, PC hardware; and I has great interest about Mechanical Keyboard and pretty much knowledge about mechanical keyboard hardware and equipment.